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Massage Therapy Options:

Swedish massage involves various strokes that will generally increase blood flow, promote relaxation, and provide relief from overall muscle tension.


Deep Tissue massage is a more specific and targeted type of bodywork that involves a significant increase in the pressure of touch, and is intended to relieve pain from deep rooted muscle tension.

Hot Stone massage involves the use of smooth heated stones that create a warm and comforting experience, which allows for a deeper level of muscle relaxation.

Oncology Massage is intended to safely provide a comforting touch to those people who have been

affected by cancer.  

Prenatal Massage is a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness for moms-to-be.  Areas of concern

can be addressed during this peaceful full body massage.

The benefits of bodywork include:

*Relief of pain from overused muscles

*Stress Relief

*Encourages relaxation

*Reduces anxiety

*Helps support the immune system 

*Helps to increase range of motion and flexibility

* and much more!

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